Full-Time - Customer Service Position
Full-Time - Customer Service Position

Good Pair Days are the ones where you're feelin' yourself. Things are going your way, matching up. Maybe you're sitting in a park with a nice bottle and a light late afternoon breeze. Pairing you to good wine. Pairing wine to good food. That's what we do.


A few years ago a world-famous sommelier, a tech genius, and complete wine newbie walked into a bar. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but was actually the start of a great company. we decided to start this little company with the mission to help everyone — from newbies to aficionados — to discover and experience the joy of exceptional wine without the confusion, pretentiousness or exclusivity of the traditional wine industry.

So we built a digital-first, monthly wine service for everyone and a proud alternative to traditional wine retail. We invite people to explore new bottles, personalised to their tastes, and get educated about them if they’d like to. We’re surprising. We’re convenient. Pairing our customers to good wine. Pairing good wine to good food. Ensuring Good Pair Days are coming your way. That’s who we are.


To take the lead in creating a world class customer service experience for our lovely winesquad!


We are looking for a full-time Customer Service superstar to join our team. You'll be based in the Sydney CBD and you'll be predominantly answering customer enquiries or problem solving via email and our online customer support portal. So lots of quick, empathic and fun typing will be involved.

You'll be liaising with the operations, tech and management teams to provide the quickest and more inspiration solution and answers to any and all our customers problems or queries.

You need to be organised, detail oriented, or preferably detailed obsessed! For instance, we love it when people address their applications email to: 'Good Pair Days HQ'. Most importantly you'll be someone with grit, who can work hard and fast and handle pressure and long hours when needed. Expect to be challenged.

Exceptional English and a passion for providing a fantastic customer experience is key to the role. There are achievable KPI's in place around response times to our customers, and an expectation of taking ownership of a problem for a customer.

You'll be the first point of contact with our customers, and we take that very seriously. So you'll be an extremely valuable member of the team. And you'll have the opportunity to grow the customer service team underneath you if you hope to take on that responsibility.


Customer happiness. Customer response time. Problem resolution time. Customer queries answered per hour.


  • 1 week: Master all out internal systems, including our company back-end, Zendesk customer support system, internal communication channels and our Notion.io company wiki.
  • 1 month: Be comfortable answering anything and anything that comes you way from our wonderful customers. Be able to act independently and with confidence to solve all issues.
  • 2 months: Suggest 3 ways you think we can improve our customer support systems. Be able to handle anything a customer throws at you.
  • 3 months: Be the first line of call for anything and everything to do with customer support. Be an integral part of the operations team. Be pushing the rest of us on how we can improve our customer experience even more.


Apart from building an amazing company from the ground up, Comp is negotiable for the right person with an expected salary range of: $45-55k. And of course, there's a free monthly $200 wine budget with your name on it!

You'll also get the chance to progress your career in whatever direction you fancy in a fast growing startup with lots of opportunities for growth. Whether that's in managing a growing customer service team, wine, operations, marketing or comms.


If after reading the above, it sounds right up your alley and you're dying to apply, then please send through at least your CV and cover letter to: jobaroos@goodpairdays along with the following info:

  1. Three companies that provide excellent customer service and why.
  2. One customer service experience you have received that has blown your mind.
  3. Why you think checklists and systems are important for any role.

And that's the whole burrito! We hope you'll apply!

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