In-House Content Creator - Remote Role
In-House Content Creator - Remote Role

We're on the hunt for an In-House Content Creator who can mastermind our media presence, both digitally and physically, to catapult our marketing and brand awareness strategies to new heights. 🚀

We're seeking an imaginative thinker, an organised executor, and a spirited storyteller who thrives on forging new paths to resonate with both wine enthusiasts and wine curious. If you're driven by the excitement of building brand awareness in transformative and entertaining ways, flourish with an autonomous work style, and are fuelled by a passion for connecting with others through lively storytelling and social media content, then this fun and exciting role is tailor-made for you.

A bit about us!

Not to toot our own horn, but we believe we’ve evolved into one of the most innovative wine retailers on the globe by reimagining the digital wine retail experience. We're all about breaking the mould and pushing boundaries in the online wine space.

Who’s a good fit for GPD?

We are a band of innovators, each one of us adding a unique note to our collective symphony. We champion a growth mindset, accountability, and above all, balance. Although our team is fully remote and spread across the globe, we are united by our passion for revolutionising the wine experience. This role is remote, but we need you to be ready to travel as required for team meet-ups and strategy sessions.

What we're looking for in the role!

Are you a dynamic, fun and creative professional with excellent video editing skills, ready to take the media world by storm? We're looking for someone who thrives with autonomy to infuse fun and excitement into our media presence. With your flair for crafting engaging videos an eye for capturing unique perspectives and a knack for staying on top of trends, you could be instrumental in defining GPD’s connection with wine lovers everywhere.

Your Mission:

You'll be at the forefront of our media presence, both digitally and physically. You'll shape inclusive, fun, and educational wine content, creating unforgettable community-building connections. We need a visionary thinker who has a passion for entertainment, breaking down big concepts into approachable bites and is unafraid to experiment yet always on brand and on-trend. If you're ready to dive into a fast-paced environment and connect with audiences in transformative, fun, and unpretentious ways, this role is tailor-made for you.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build, Manage, and Innovate: Drive media initiatives and strategies across multiple channels, actively experimenting to craft fresh approaches and use your video editing expertise to reach new audiences and meet targets.
  • Hands-on Creation: Engage in sidewalk interviews and popular physical hub spots, converting them into relevant media outputs, including reel form ad creatives.
  • Engage and Stay Ahead: Keep a keen eye on trends and look for opportunities to pioneer new ones, creating content that connects with wine lovers, and wine curious in our specific target audience.
  • Experiment, Analyse, Adapt & Drive Impact: Conduct experiments, analyse performance, and hone in on KPIs like audience growth, reach, and engagement, recognising their potential to enhance brand awareness and business growth.
  • Translate into Sales: Identify and pursue creative avenues that could turn engagement into sales, collaborating across teams to align with our brand goals and audience needs.
  • Professional and On-Brand: Maintain a consistent tone of work both on and off-camera, understanding that you'll be representing GPD.


We're seeking a candidate who meets the following qualifications:

  • At least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as media, communications, marketing, film, or digital arts.
  • A minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience in media creation, content strategy, and execution.
  • Demonstrated ability to create and edit videos, conduct engaging interviews, both on-camera and on-site, with a flair for connecting with diverse audiences.
  • Proven track record of designing and executing innovative media campaigns that resonate with specific target demographics.
  • Expertise in video editing, content curation, and the use of digital media tools.
  • Strong knowledge of social media platforms, trends, and audience engagement metrics.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, able to craft engaging and fun visual and written content.
  • An energetic and creative thinker, capable of generating fresh ideas and adapting strategies to different media channels and audience needs.
  • Willingness to travel as required for on-location interviews.
  • Existing wine knowledge is a bonus!

Please note that the above qualifications are intended to represent a broad range of skills and experience. We value diversity in our team and encourage all who are passionate about our mission to apply, even if you don't meet every single criterion.

Next Steps

If after reading the above, our mission, culture, and role description sound right up your alley, then please apply through this form.

Choose 1 of the 3 Tasks below to include with your application:

Task A: Mini Wine Education Clip

  1. Pick a Wine Topic: Choose a wine-related topic that intrigues you (e.g., a grape variety, a wine region, How-to).
  2. Create & Edit a Short Discovery Clip: Film a 1-minute education or documentary-style video on the topic, showcasing your creative, fun approach.
  3. Submit Your Work: Share the video along with a brief description of your creative process.

Task B: 'Wine Myth Busting' Segment

  1. Choose a Wine Myth: Select a common myth or misconception about wine.
  2. Film & Edit Create a 1-minute video that debunks the myth, using facts and creativity.
  3. Submit Your Work: Share the video along with a brief description of your creative process.

Task C: Design a Mini Sidewalk Campaign Concept

  1. Develop a Concept: Create an engaging sidewalk campaign related to wine
  2. Film & Edit: Create a 1-minute video that introduces the campaign and include 1 or two clips form the campaign
  3. Submit Your Work: Share the video along with a brief description of your creative process.

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