Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager

We need a passionate growth minded general marketer to join the team to take charge of our partnerships, business development, influencer marketing and our non-direct performance based marketing channels.

What is Good Pair Days?

I'm glad you asked. Well a few years ago, a world-famous sommelier, a tech genius, and a total wine newbie walked into a bar. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but was actually the start of our great little company. Aside from wondering what a ‘dry wine‘ actually meant, the newbie had a question for them: did they want to be part of a mission to help everyone — from newbies to aficionados — discover and experience the joy of exceptional wine, tailored to their tastes? To remove the confusion and jargon, to make wine accessible and enjoyable for all? They did. And we've been pairing good wine to good people ever since. It's our aim to build the most customer friendly wine retailer in the world and we just might need your help to do it. So keep reading.

So let's get down to business...

We need a passionate growth minded general marketer to join the team to take charge of our partnerships, business development, influencer marketing and our non-direct performance based marketing channels.

You'll be a great fit if you're growth minded, love accountability and autonomy, have an empathic nature (essential for all great marketers), love solving problems and thinking independently and last but not least will to pull your sleeves up and join a hard working higher performance team culture. The above are also our team values... so if you were wondering what it's like to work with us, there you have it.

Your scorecard:

Month 1:

  • You'll jump right into the creative team to help design new ad creative briefs and be able to lend your copywriting skills right away.
  • You'll get cracking on your first sample partnership and source 10k+ free product samples of an aligned brand to include in our next month's boxes for all our members.
  • You'll pull together your first brand partnership for a high ROI social comp.
  • You'll test your first new marketing channel.
  • You build and kick-off your ongoing influencer contra program.

Month 2:

  • You'll be running all the above seamlessly on an ongoing monthly basis from now on, and be testing 1-2 new channels a month to see if we can find some promised land of untapped scalable member growth areas.
  • You'll have taken over our weekly content marketing planning and newsletter building and sending.
  • You'll be running our non performance marketing calendar promotional campaign planning and implementation.
  • You'll have started your wine brand building framework and propose your first few wine brand/product ideas.

Month 3:

  • You'll be in-charge of our ongoing company storytelling and public communication strategy, leading the creative direction around an assets and writing the campaigns, comms and content assets to support a new monthly angle.
  • You'll have an awesome working relationship with the performance marketing and creative teams, coming up with great creative and campaign ideas at a regular cadence.
  • You'll be suggesting growth and product ideas and pushing the founders on what we can accomplish.
  • You'll be running the brand building processes from the ground up for new products and tasty wines we get our hands on.


  • You have a great deal of marketing, brand and business development, and partnerships experience.
  • You love writing copy and content and getting into the minds our our wine loving members and figuring out what makes them tick!
  • You know how to get in front of the right people at the right brands to make meaningful and higher return partnerships happen.
  • You can design and execute sales campaigns and promotions strategies working closely with the creative, performance and ops teams
  • You can build and manage a influencer outreach and contra program that gets our boxes in the right hands.
  • When the time is right... you'll love organising and running customer events!
  • You know marketing analytics like the back of your hand and can run a mean and meaningful A/B test in your sleep.
  • You've got a keen eye for brand building and love bringing new products to market that meet customer needs and wants!
  • You're able to swing some great PR without an expensive PR firm and comfortable with non performance media campaigns and spend.
  • And last but not least you're able to build, measure and test new channels, and scale rapidly if you find gold!

How you'll be measured.

  • Customer and revenue growth!
  • Partnerships quality and cadence.
  • Non-performance marketing attributed sales.
  • Staying on brand! Think tone of voice, visual identity, acqusition channels and staying true to our mission.

Our marketing stack.

  • We use: Autopilot, Full Story, Google Analytics, Segment, Yotpo and Ghost CMS.
  • We've got the start of a nice little internal creative team with a videographer / photographer, graphic designer, content writers, and a bit of copywriting support too!

What's in it for you?

  • This little journey of our is just getting started and you can join it while we're still relatively young. Which means professional growth and career advancement will be in your hands.
  • We've made the leap. We've gone remote first. Which means you can pretty much work from anywhere. The rest of the team is already. We're a results first company which mean remote work is perfect for us.
  • We're willing to pay market rates for the right level of experience with employee share options available, which for a marketer means you can benefit directly from the great job you do!
  • Wine. Did we mention wine.  There's wine with your name on it. The good stuff ;)

The ask...

  • If after reading the above, it sounds right up your alley and you're dying to apply, then please send through at least your CV and cover letter (bonus points for  details or even a little case study of some campaigns you've built) to:

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