No Planet, No Pinot!
No Planet, No Pinot!

We care about the planet in the way we think everyone should — it’s where we live, after all.

Looking at things from a pragmatic point of view for a minute, climate change is making it harder to grow our grapes, and we really need them!

So with that in mind we have a three part strategy for doing our part! The first part is how we give back directly to help the cause. The second part is focussing on doing no harm ourselves when it comes to our packaging. The third part is what can we do next to keep getting better?


Our No Planet, No Pinot Fund donates 1% of all revenue to winemakers directly impacted by climate change, as well as causes that help advance the sustainable growing practices for viticulture!

Whether that's through helping wineries affected by bushfires or rising temperatures, or donating to causes which we believe can help make this great big blue and green planet of ours that much better for growing grapes long term.

We chose revenue because it can't be played with. It can't be manipulated through paying bonuses or bogus expenses. It's the topline figure that means every dollar you spend with us gives back in its own little way.

We officially launched this initiative in July 2021! Check back in here to keep track of the causes we have supported. We'll be updating it quarterly.


These are two phrases you will see branded boldly across our evolving packaging, and well, they mean a lot to us.

We went on a long and winding journey to come up with an exciting and innovative way to package our wine, heading down a few dead ends along the way, until we found our perfect packaging pair.

It was exciting to see so many like-minded businesses taking steps to introduce packaging for their products that do not burden the earth in the same way more traditional materials like plastics and foams (yuck!) have.

Where we ended up finding our special new packaging, was the unlikely and humble sugarcane plant. Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop by production quantity, with over 2 billion tonnes produced annually. After all that sweet, delicious sucrose is extracted from the plant though, producers are left with massive amounts of waste.

The amazing thing is we can reuse this sugarcane bio-product to make protective packaging that is biodegradable and compostable! So they offer great protection to the wine and great value to the earth.

Now our entire packaging can now be either recycled (in the case of our cardboard cartons) or composted (like our exciting new inserts). In any case, no matter what you do with our boxes once you are done with them, they are going back into the earth, with no harmful nasties left over to enter waterways or oceans.


We're definitely not perfect. And still have a long way to go. It's our mission to keep getting better and living up to our No Planet, No Pinot values.

Some things we are working towards

  • We're always looking for more sustainable packaging options. Soon we'll be reintroducing handles to our packaging. But we're working with this amazing Swedish company which makes them out of compressed recycled paper! Stay tuned.
  • We working towards B Corp status which has been a long term goal of ours for a long time!
  • We're working on carbon neutral deliveries. Stay tuned!
  • We're brainstorming smart ways you can return your packaging, possibly with a collection of materials that we can help give a second life. Let us know if you have any great ideas here.

We have a long way to go as a planet, but we will make sure we play our part as a responsible business in keeping it in good health. That’s the Good Pair Days way.

After all, no planet, no pinot!

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