This week we travel to Germany’s most famous wine region, the Mosel Valley to meet Saskia Prüm from Prüm wines.

This week we travel to Germany’s most famous wine region, the Mosel Valley to meet Saskia Prüm from Prüm wines. Yep, you guessed it, we are in the heartland of Riesling country here folks, and we do love Riesling! We hope that gone are the days of negative connotations that all Riesling’s are sweet - not true. In fact, Riesling is a firm favourite amongst wine geeks, because of its purity and versatility. It can make some serious lusciously sweet wines, through to medium (half sweet) styles, all the way to the dry end of the spectrum. But perhaps the biggest reason as to why we love this variety so much, is because of the high, pinpoint acidity good Riesling delivers and nobody does it better than the German’s. The Prüm family have been operating in the Mosel for centuries and the winery was established in the early 1900’s. Raimund has been at the helm since the 1970’s, and his daughter and qualified winemaker, Saskia has been helping him run the estate. They have built the family name up to one that is now internationally recognised for awesome Reisling production.

Here’s what she had to say when we touched base with Saskia:

Why did you decide to get into winemaking?

When you grow up in a traditional wine estate it's an easy decision to step into the family business. It's one of the most interesting areas to work. You meet a lot of very intersting people from around the world and have a lot to do with nature. You can enjoy the different seasons with the different works to do. It's very versatile and the profession is asking for a high flexibility. I always wanted to work with people and I very much enjoy to be in the nature.

Do you have a favourite wine or wine region outside of your own?

I very much enjoy the Austrian wine growing areas. It's impressive to see how much Austria could change in the last 30 years its reputation and quality of the wines.

What grape do you like working with the most and why?

Riesling of course, this is one of the big stars in the wine business and our big goal.

Celebrity Crush?

I was never the one running after a celebrity to get an autograph. But it's quiet funny to get sometimes asked for an autograph on a bottle of wine :-)

Favourite Movie?

In a wine estate you've normally not too much time to sit in front of the TV. Better to get outside and have a walk with the dog in the vineyards ;-).

Favourite type of music/artist?

Everything that makes fun. Doesn't matter if it's something of the 80s or something newer like Coldplay

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