Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Manager

We need a detailed, organised, growth minded supply chain manager to join the team to take manage and optimise all our non wine related consumables ordering and costs.

What is Good Pair Days?

I'm glad you asked. Well a few years ago, a world-famous sommelier, a tech genius, and a total wine newbie walked into a bar. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but was actually the start of our great little company. Aside from wondering what a ‘dry wine‘ actually meant, the newbie had a question for them: did they want to be part of a mission to help everyone — from newbies to aficionados — discover and experience the joy of exceptional wine, tailored to their tastes? To remove the confusion and jargon, to make wine accessible and enjoyable for all? They did. And we've been pairing good wine to good people ever since. It's our aim to build the most customer friendly wine retailer in the world and we just might need your help to do it. So keep reading.

So let's get down to business...

We need a detailed, organised, growth minded supply chain manager to join the team to take manage and optimise all our non wine related consumables ordering and costs.

You'll be a great fit if you're growth minded, love accountability and autonomy, have an empathic nature, love solving problems and thinking independently and last but not least will to pull your sleeves up and join a hard working higher performance team culture. The above are also our team values... so if you were wondering what it's like to work with us, there you have it.


  • You are a fair but keen negotiator, and relish the the challenge of bringing our key costs down whilst maintaining our excellent product quality.
  • You've an interest in or preferably experience in running outreach, tender and sample programs with suppliers.
  • You've got excellent finance skills and are highly analytical by nature. You're one with excel and google sheets.
  • You're extremely well organised with systems, checks and backups for everything.
  • You've got an interest and preferably experience in packaging design and manufacturing.

Your scorecard:

Month 1:

  • If you don't know the ins and outs of freight forwarding, supply ordering and tender processes, we need to you to dive down deep and become an expert asap.
  • We need to you get up to speed on all our various supply ordering systems and processes as quickly as possible and take responsibility for ensuring adequate supply of each and everything we need.
  • We need to you to learn all our various reporting mechanisms to slot into our company systems seamlessly and take the full responsibility for all things consumables related.
  • We need to you to take charge of the day-to-day invoice paying and admin behind, as well as building in checks and balances into the system.

Month 2:

  • We need you to build an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of everything we order, who we order it from, why we order it from them, what the relationship has been, what the positive and negatives are of each supplier.
  • We then need to you to start working your way through each and every product to figure out how we can reduce costs and or increase quality or product standards.
  • We need to you to perform quick and efficient tender processes and quote requests from various suppliers to make sure we're getting the best rates and the best service and make the call if we need to switch supplies on an ongoing basis from here on out.
  • We need you to become adept at sourcing new products from the best possible supplies with the best price.

Month 3

  • We need to you to start diving into bigger projects such as packaging redesign, next warehouse upgrade planning and new product sourcing. Owning the process from start to finish.
  • We need to you to be pushing the company founders for more responsibility and be asking for ways you can help drive our company forward.
  • Start sourcing merchandise our members would love and we can reward them with and they can purchase.

How you'll be measured.

  • Gross profit.
  • Cost ratios.
  • Stock availability.

What's in it for you?

  • This little journey of our is just getting started and you can join it while we're still relatively young. Which means professional growth and career advancement will be in your hands.
  • We've made the leap. We've gone remote first. Which means you can pretty much work from anywhere. The rest of the team is already. We're a results first company which mean remote work is perfect for us.
  • We're willing to pay market rates for the right level of experience with employee share options available, which for someone with a direct impact on gross profit means you can benefit directly from the great job you do!
  • Wine. Did we mention wine.  There's wine with your name on it. The good stuff ;)

The ask...

  • If after reading the above, it sounds right up your alley and you're dying to apply, then please send through at least your CV and cover letter to:

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