Wine Buyer - Australia
Wine Buyer - Australia

At Good Pair Days, our team is growing and we're looking for another modern wine superstar to help us in our quest to unlock the world of wine.

What is Good Pair Days?

I'm glad you asked! Well, a few years ago, a world-famous sommelier, a tech genius, and a total wine newbie walked into a bar. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but was actually the start of our great little company.
Aside from wondering what a ‘dry wine‘ actually meant, the newbie had a question for them: did they want to be part of a mission to help everyone — from newbies to aficionados — discover and experience the joy of exceptional wine, tailored to their tastes? To remove the confusion and jargon, to make wine accessible and enjoyable for all? They did. We've been pairing good wine to good people ever since.

In practical terms : We're a 6 year old online wine+ business based in Australia that prioritises customer happiness and wine education. We're a tech-focussed retailer with big growth ambitions. We love wine, we love our members (obsessively) and we love finding ways to surprise and delight them.

It's our aim to build the most customer friendly wine retailer in the world and we just might need your help to do it.

So let's get down to business...

  • We need an organised, articulate, hard working wine expert to help grow our amazing range of wines and tell our adoring community all about them
  • You'll be a great fit if you're growth minded, love accountability and autonomy, have an empathic nature, love solving problems and thinking independently and last but not least willing to pull your sleeves up and join a hard working, high performance team culture. The above are also our team values... so if you were wondering what it's like to work with us, there you have it!


  • Your written communication skills are approaching expert level. Whether it's internally, dealing with suppliers or writing amazing wine content for our readers, you capture our brand voice and offer clean copy on time.
  • You're highly analytical by nature, and have a solid understanding of our company's financial goals and how your work affects this. You're one with excel and google sheets, especially the 'holy grail' - our wine supply sheet.
  • You're extremely well organised with systems, checks and backups for everything.
  • It goes without saying, you have an experienced and well-honed palate, with previous experience either as a wine buyer or sommelier.
  • Your connections within the Australian wine industry are second to none - you know the game - the importers, the sellers, the writers and some of the drinkers.


  • Overall, highly trained wine professional, with astute ability to assess wine
  • Multiple years experience in a wine buying role, either on trade or retail
  • Experience with direct overseas imports a bonus


Month 1:

  • If you're not across the tech requirements needed for the role, we need to you to dive down deep and become an expert asap. Nothing scary, just the basics needed for a modern, digital business
  • We need to you get up to speed on all our various systems and processes as quickly as possible, and for you to take responsibility for building out our growing wine range straight away, including placing orders, writing tasting notes and uploading information
  • You'll be involved with our ongoing education program - wine news, grape updates, style seminars. You'll contribute to newsletters, blog posts and the like.

Month 2:

  • So you're buying wine now, and the wine is arriving! We need to start formulating ideas to make it unique - find the wines that others don't!
  • We need to you to learn all our various reporting mechanisms to slot into our company systems seamlessly and assist with daily wine swaps, out of stock recommendations, weekly delivery checks and weekly tasting card ordering
  • You'll be taking on some customer service responsibilities, answering questions around wine range and deliveries
  • You'll expand your educational role, taking on some content writing for our online education Guide.

Month 3

  • We need to you to start diving into bigger projects such as own label development. Working with some of our existing suppliers to negotiate terms and pricing for large orders of own label wines. Working with the creative team to develop a brand identity and bring the project to life.
  • We need to you to be pushing the company founders for more responsibility and be asking for ways you can help drive our company forward.

How you'll be measured

  • Wine ratings
  • Wine COGS
  • Stock availability and range
  • Customer service response times

What's in it for you?

  • This little journey of ours is really just getting started and you can join it while we're still relatively young. Which means professional growth and career advancement will be in your hands.
  • We're a remote first company. Which means you can pretty much work from anywhere. We're a results first company which mean remote work is perfect for us.
  • We pay market rates for the right level of experience, with employee share options available, which for someone with a direct impact on gross profit means you can benefit directly from the great job you do!
  • Wine. Did we mention the wine?  There's wine with your name on it. The good stuff ;)

Where to now?

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact our Chief Wine Officer Banjo Harris Plane on with your CV and cover letter to learn more.

Do you know your wine personality? If your answer is no, take our quiz to find out which wines to pick up next and build your box!

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