Meet the Maker - James Scarcebrook / Vino Intrepido
Meet the Maker - James Scarcebrook / Vino Intrepido

Good Pair Days sat down with James for an online wine tasting and discussion, and asked a few questions - read on!

The Vino Intrepido is James Scarcebrook, a wine communicator, wholesaler, retailer and now maker. From studying all facets of the wine industry over the years, he recently turned his hand to the making of the juice, and turns out he's a bit of a dab hand at it all. Whether it's down to his years of study or simply natural talent remains to be seen, but his first forays into winemaking over the past few years have yielded great results!

After having spent time in Italy and developing a real passion for the food, wine and culture there, James works heavily with Italian grape varieties being grown in some amazing Victorian vineyards. From Fruilano to Nero d'Avola, these are wines that will (thanks to producers like James) will slowly but surely become exhilarating and commonplace names around your dinner table!

Good Pair Days sat down with James for an online wine tasting and discussion, and asked a few questions - read on!

Q1. If you could make any grape variety (that you haven't played with already) what would it be and why?

Absolutely Nerello Mascalese, especially now that it's being propagated up at Chalmers. Etna reds are some of the most exciting and unique in the world, and we have some amazing ancient volcanic soils in parts of Victoria that would be ideal for it.

Q2. If your personality was a 'grape' who would you be?

I think Sangiovese would be the closest to my personality. Inviting, hospitable, bold yet brooding, with hidden depths.

Q3. Who inspires you to make (great) wine?

Of course my family inspires me to be the best I can be. Pioneers of viticulture and winemaking in Australia. Certain winemakers in Italy who weighed me to their wineries and shared their passion and incredible philosophies.

Q4. Do you want to plant your own vineyard one day, or do you prefer the freedom and relationships you have?

I'd love to plant my own vineyard, but wherever I do if only plant a few varieties that would be suited to that region and site. I wouldn't want to stop working with all the different varieties so I would probably continue to work with growers in different regions.

Q5. Who is your celebrity crush?!

Lately I've found Florence Pugh and Jessica Chastain both fascinating and incredibly talented. My inner teenager is also really into Billie Eilish.

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