Wine 101 E-Course
Wine 101 E-Course

Level up your wine knowledge in just 4 weeks!

The world of wine can be a complicated place...but it doesn't have to be that way! That's why we've designed the 8 chapter Wine 101 e-course. This course will give you the map and tools you need to navigate the world of wine like a pro!

About the Course

You'll dive into 8 important topics that will lay a well-rounded foundation on all aspects of wine, from making, to tasting, to cellaring and pairing!

Each chapter is packed with need-to-know basics, graphics and illustrations (for all the visual learners out there!), links to deeper-dive readings (for the keeners), as well as a homework assignment (which never involves math, but always involves wine!).

Busy schedule? We get it. Not to worry, each chapter will be delivered directly to your inbox every three days, Monday to Friday, so you'll have time to dig in whenever it best fits your schedule :)

Course Outline

Chapter 1: How to Taste Wine
Discover the main structural components of a wine, where various flavours come from and of course, the key steps to taste wine like a pro!

Chapter 2: How Wine is Made
Red, white, rosé and even sparkling! They are all simply fermented grape juice, but learn what makes each unique!

Chapter 3: The Grape Growing Environment
Discover everything a grape needs in order to thrive! You'll also learn what to expect from wines of differing climates and how it effects the final wine style!

Chapter 4: Old World vs New World Wines
Learn what this common wine term implies about how a wine might taste, be labelled, and even made! Gone will be the days of not knowing which grape is in a bottle without it listed on the label, we've got a cheat sheet for that!

Chapter 5: Wine and Food Pairing
Everybody wants to nail the food and wine matching thing, right? The magic formula isn't far away! Unlock the three magic pairing formulas as well as tested techniques so you can be the new match-making master in the kitchen!

Chapter 6: Storing and Pouring Wine
How long does a bottle last once it's opened? Which wines should be cellared? How does wine temperature affect the over all flavour of a wine? Should you be decanting white wine? get all the tips and tricks to make sure you always get to drink your wine at its best!

Chapter 7: Natural, Vegan, Organic and Biodynamic Wine
There's a lot of clean and green terms in the wine world these days, but these "clean" terms can sure get messy when it comes to how they're understood and defined. Learn what each of them mean so you know what you're really drinking!

Chapter 8 : Wine Faults
There's a funny smell that you can't quite put your finger on, and the wine just doesn't taste how it should... But what could be wrong? Learn the most common wine faults, what causes each of them, if there's anyway to "fix" them, as well as how to detect them yourself!

Earn Points & Badges!

At the end of each chapter is a quiz to test your knowledge. Pass the quiz and you'll earn 50 points as well as access to each of the 8 course-exclusive badges! And since we just promised no math homework, we'll tell you right here: 50 points x 8 chapters = 400 points for passing the course.

Collecting points just got too easy, smooth and silky... like a fresh young Pinot. Yum.

Pour a Glass, and Join the Class!

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