5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine-Loving Mums
5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine-Loving Mums

We all love our mums. When Christmas time rolls around, it’s the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile in thanking them for all they’ve put up with over the years… and believe us, they put up with more than most of us realise! We’ve thought about

We all love our mums. When Christmas time rolls around, it’s the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile in thanking them for all they’ve put up with over the years… and believe us, they put up with more than most of us realise! We’ve thought about it long and hard, and have realised that there are few better ways of showing your appreciation than by giving her a gift connected to every mother’s ‘other’ love in her life - that’s right, we’re talking about wine.

Wine and mums go together like milk and cookies (or Vegemite and hot toast, if you’re looking for a more location-specific metaphor). Whether she’s unwinding at the end of a busy day, catching up with her friends, or simply taking a well-deserved moment of indulgence... Sipping a top glass of wine is an opportunity to relax, to forget about your cares for a while, and to explore a whole world of flavour and aroma - what busy mum could possibly resist?

So this year, why not bring a smile to your mum’s face with some of these brilliantly inventive gifts, each designed to help her make the most of her wine-drinking moments of bliss, or to appeal to her fascination and enthusiasm for all things vino-related? We love them, and we have no doubt that she’d feel much the same way, too!

1. A Nifty Wine Journal

If your mum likes to make notes and lists, and generally find ways to jot down her thoughts and plans (and let’s face it, mums do this kind of thing better than anyone else), then she’s going to love receiving a gift of a dedicated wine journal or scrapbook.

Not only are these charming gifts to receive and fun things to keep in your handbag, they’ve also got plenty of practical uses too. By making notes of your wine tasting, you can further train your palate by identifying those wonderful flavour and aromas that arise as you’re drinking. As well as this, they’ll help you to keep in mind those wines that really hit the spot, along with those which left you a little underwhelmed, and which you’ll avoid next time you’re shopping around.

We love these slick and trendy wine journals from Moleskine - wouldn’t they make a lovely stocking filler?

2. A Wine Cooling Stick

When your mother is meeting up with her friends for a light lunch, or simply wants a refreshing glass of white wine on a sunny day, she’ll want to be able to serve her favourite vino at exactly the right temperature.

We think that these wine chilling sticks are a great idea; you keep them in the freezer, and when you open your bottle, you simply pop it in the neck. The stick will chill your wine beautifully in just five minutes, and will save you having to faff around with ice buckets to get things to the perfect level of coolness!

3. Some Cheeky Glassware

Wine time for your mum is all part of not taking things too seriously for once. It’s a moment for her to kick back, let her hair down, and put everything to one side for a few moments. As such, it’s important for her wine accessories to have a similarly laid-back style, and to be able to bring a smile to her face.

There are loads and loads of humorous wine glasses, funky decanters and accessories out there, featuring a wide array of cheeky or irreverent slogans on them. We particularly like these engraved wine glasses that you can have personalised with your mother’s name, and for emergencies? Well, there’s always the ever-popular whole-bottle wine glasses like these, which can brought out at the end of a particular busy and stressful day!

4. Wine Pairing Tea Towels

Mums have plenty of hidden talents, but we’d argue that the most impressive of them all is their preternatural ability to multi-task. It’s something that all men secretly envy, and we can all appreciate that there are times when this incredible ability has saved the day on multiple occasions!

These wine pairing tea towels are a perfect gift for the mother who likes to learn while she’s busy doing other things - they’re completely packed with all kinds of fantastic advice for matching ingredients and dishes with a massive range of wines. With these great gifts, t won’t be long before your mother’s wine pairing knowledge is a match for any top sommelier, which means trips home in the holidays are going to end up being a whole load better when dinnertime rolls around!

5. A Classy Wine Bag

If your mother has a passion for fashion that equals her love of wine, then these stylish wine bags are undoubtedly the perfect match for her this Christmas. Whether she wants a wine bag that doubles as a bag-in-box wine holder (why didn’t we think of that idea?), or an insulated bag perfect for keeping her bottles cool, this range of funky, fashionable items is sure to bring a big smile to her face!

6. Bonus Idea. A Subscription to The Wine Gallery

Of course, if your mum is a genuine lover of all things wine-related, and is keen to expand her horizons when it comes to discovering more fantastic wines, there are few gifts better than a subscription to The Wine Gallery. Every month, our award-winning sommelier will select some truly fantastic wines - tailored to your mother’s personal preferences - and send them off to be delivered at her door.

We also chuck in some fascinating tasting notes, food pairing advice and even a set of unique recipes for your mother to try alongside her new bottles, meaning every month, all of her wine wishes will come true!

They can start with our fun quiz here and we’ll recommend three bottles for their personal tastes!

Do you know your wine personality? If your answer is no, take our quiz to find out which wines to pick up next and build your box!

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