5 Sexy Aphrodisiac Food & Wine Pairings
5 Sexy Aphrodisiac Food & Wine Pairings

The perfect get-in-the-mood food and wine pairings for a very sexy Valentine's day!

Valentine’s is all about romance, so some get-in-the-mood food and wine pairings are the perfect way to celebrate! Whether you and your sexy val-pal like it hot and spicy or sweet and flirty, there’s a perfect pairing waiting for you. Now you just have to decide two things; which will you try first? And obviously, lights on or lights off?

Oysters are cult-classic when it comes to their aphrodisiac status. They’ve been utilised for their arousal enhancing properties since the Roman Empire, and supposedly were regularly enjoyed as a virility-booster by Casanova! This fresh delicacy contains zinc which is said to boost libido-altering progesterone levels and improve stamina. And let’s be honest, no one wants to cut a long night of intimacy short. Make it a good shuck.

Pair with Muscadet

Oysters are delicate in flavour and rich in umami, so it's important to pick a wine that won’t overpower the inherent subtle flavours of these tender sea dumplings. With its high acidity, citrus notes and light body, Muscadet is the perfect match. Look for a Muscadet that says “sur lie” if you and your Valentine want to experience an extra textural and sensual experience on your palate.

Rumoured to be Cleopatra’s favourite fruit, the erotically shaped fig has been associated with sexuality for centuries. In Ancient Greece, they were believed to be a symbol of love. And remember the leaves Adam and Eve reached for while naked in the garden? Figs. Holding great mystery, figs are a seductive paradox in the world of sensual food; their many seeds represent fertility while their leaves are associated with modesty. Alluring! Filled with antioxidants, flavonoids, fibre, potassium and high levels of zinc, this is one of those foods sure to get you in the mood.

Pair with Zinfandel

Zinfandel lends delicious jammy fruit flavours to marry the sweet, dense juiciness of figs making a brilliantly complementary paring.  Feeling adventurous? Stuff the figs with blue cheese and it will be a flavour-filled ménage-à-trois for your tastebuds.

Once foreplay is over, hot chillies will really dial up the heat — get ready to sweat! Chilli peppers contain capsaicin which is known to increase testosterone levels and boost libido. The more capsaicin in the pepper, the hotter the pepper tastes, and you guessed it, the hotter the effects ;) But be careful... you definitely don’t want this kind of chilli heat falling off the plate and in any sensitive areas — it’ll be hot alright, but not the comfortable kind!

Pair with Off-Dry Riesling

The sweetness found in an off-dry Riesling tames the heat of the chilli pepper making for a brilliantly balanced tasting experience. Plus! It means you can add a little extra heat to maximise aphrodisiac benefits without burning your tastebuds ;)

Did you know strawberries are part of the rose family? Yep, these little heart-shaped berries are perfect for Valentine's day. They also offer several nutrients that are beneficial to sexual health such as high levels of vitamin C which can help increase oestrogen levels and boost blood flow (to all the right places). Very important ;)

Pair with Moscato d’Asti

Strawberries are bright and sweet and flavour and need a wine to sing in the same tune. Moscato d’Asti offers the perfect lift with its slight effervesce to make this a deliciously flirty pairing. We also recommend adding some whipped cream into the mix just to see what happens next.

This comes as no surprise. Chocolate has got to be the most known and loved edible aphrodisiacs out there! From the Mayans to the Aztecs, chocolate has played a role in the bedroom for centuries! In fact, the Aztec emperor, Montezuma, is rumoured to have consumed copious amounts of chocolate in order to satisfy his many, many wives (quite the responsibility).

That’s a little irrelevant for the style of romance we tend to tango with today, but the effects of chocolate still lend frisky favour to its indulgers. Why? Scientists have narrowed the lusty, amorous effects of chocolate down to two key components; phenethylamine and tryptophan. The former is a stimulant released in the brain when we fall in love. And the latter is a serotonin booster that lifts your mood and increases your sex drive! Another reason to ride the chocolate train all night long.

Pair with Port

This is the climax pairing. Port and chocolate are soul mate lovers — bringing out the best in each other, and together, making something even more powerful than each on their own. Port’s bodacious full-body ranges from sweet to semi-sweet and holds lower levels of acidity. Its also filled with rich fruit flavours and lush textures which marry well with the rich and seductive flavours of chocolate. Think chocolate ganache, dark chocolate truffles, milky chocolate fondue, or a classic quality block... there’s a Port to pair with chocolate of all sorts!

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