Chicken Liver, Bacon and Mushroom Nests
Chicken Liver, Bacon and Mushroom Nests



  • 3 tbsp veg oil
  • 3 finely chopped onions
  • 250g brown mushrooms, chopped
  • 1 crushed garlic clove
  • 400g chicken livers, trimmed of sinew
  • 3 tbsp port or brandy
  • 140g breadcrumbs
  • Bunch of parsley, chopped
  • Handful of chopped walnuts
  • 12 smoked streaky bacon rashers
  • Preheat the oven to 190C. Soften the onions in the oil for 10 mins, then add the mushrooms and fry for 10 mins more, or until the liquid has evaporated. Stir in the garlic, cook for 1 more minute, then tip everything onto a dish.
  • Pat the livers dry with kitchen paper, then sizzle in the pan with a bit more oil for 20 seconds, before removing from the pan and setting aside. Pour in the brandy, allow to reduce by ⅔, then roughly chop the meat and mix with the onion and mushrooms, brandy, breadcrumbs and most of the nuts and parsley.
  • Coil the bacon into the wells of a 12-hole bun tin, to make little nests. Spoon in the stuffing - you’ll have some left over to stuff into a chicken for your roast dinner - then bake covered in foil for 20 mins. Take off the foil, bake for another 25 mins, then serve scattered with chopped parsley.
1 hr 10 mins
Makes 12

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