We often talk about wines being a singular vision, a particular expression of the winemaker’s love for their land.

The wines of Clotilde Davenne are perhaps the epitome of this concept - bright, unique, characterful wines which come from the heart of a woman who grew up among the slopes and vines of her native Burgundy.

Clotilde herself moved through life being inspired by the aromas and flavours of her home region. She may have studied in Beaujolais and cut her teeth at the wineries of California, but she couldn’t resist returning to Burgundy, on a personal mission to share the terroir she grew up on with the world.

As a result, her wines are brilliantly expressive - made with the caveat that they are drunk young, and full of life and vitality.

Since 1989, Clotilde Davenne has made this fresh, vibrant, terroir-oriented style her trademark, and has gathered many admirers over the decades for her memorable and delicious white wines.

The winery specialises in Chablis, but also works with sparkling Cremant wines inspired by the best of California, as well as Irancy and Bourgognes Blanc.

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