Introducing the New and Improved Good Pair Days Loyalty & Rewards Program: More Fun, More Points, More Rewards!
Introducing the New and Improved Good Pair Days Loyalty & Rewards Program: More Fun, More Points, More Rewards!

Get ready for a wine-derful experience with our revamped loyalty program, packed with exciting new benefits and rewards for our amazing wine-loving community!

Hey there, wine enthusiasts! 🍷🎉

Are you ready for some grape news? We've been working tirelessly behind the scenes to revamp our Loyalty & Rewards Program, and we're now thrilled to share the fruit of our labour with you! We've listened to your feedback, added a splash of fun, and crafted a program that's designed to reward you with more points, more benefits, and more wine-tastic experiences. So, let's pop the cork on these exciting changes!

What's Changing: A Wine-derful Transformation

  1. Easier Point Earning: Sip, sip, hooray! We're making it a breeze for you to earn points. Every time you earn a point, you'll receive a Lifetime Point that unlocks member benefits and a Redeemable Point to spend in our Rewards Store.
  2. Choose Your Rewards: No more unwanted rewards! You can now choose the rewards you desire, and you'll never stop earning rewards, regardless of your level. Talk about a wine-win situation!
  3. New Member Benefits: Prepare for a shower of wine-fits! We're introducing a range of new member benefits, including free samples, anniversary bottles, monthly prize draws, and more! Get ready to be spoiled with these delightful perks.
  4. Simplified Levels: We've streamlined the levels to 10 main tiers, with each unlocking a new member benefit. The higher your level, the more points you'll get for rating each bottle, making it easier to earn points for rewards! Go ahead, level up and sip your way to success.
  5. Increased Value: For every dollar you spend, you can get up to 20% value back in our Rewards Store, depending on your level. It's like having your wine and drinking it too!
  6. Pre-release Wine Access: Can't wait to try new wines? Depending on your level, you'll unlock the ability to choose pre-release wines from the Rewards Store. Be the first to taste and brag about these exclusive selections.
  7. Keep Your Points: You'll retain your points even if you cancel your subscription. They'll be saved for you when you restart or make one-off orders. Wine not?
  8. Flexible Redemption: Redeem rewards and have them sent in any box you order, monthly or ad-hoc. It's all about convenience and keeping things grape and simple.
  9. More Benefits, No Losses: Rest assured, we're not taking anything away – just adding more benefits and making it easier for you to earn points. We're all about the good vibes and good times!

Current Members: What It Means for You

  1. Keep Your Points: All your current points will be converted into Lifetime Points. They're yours to keep, just like a fine wine collection.
  2. Automatic Level Unlock: Based on your current points, you'll automatically unlock the corresponding level and all associated member benefits. Get ready to reap the rewards!
  3. New Benefits, No Losses: We're not taking any benefits away, just adding new ones. We believe in keeping the good times rolling and the wine flowing.
  4. Easier Point Earning: It's now even easier for you to earn points as you go. Cheers to that!
  5. 1000 Redeemable Points: We're giving all active members (2/5/23 and prior) 1000 Redeemable Points to spend in the Rewards Store right away. This means you can grab your next reward immediately or choose from a variety of other amazing rewards! All new members have plenty of ways to earn some quick points. See below.

Quick Tips to Level Up & Earn Points:

If you're eager to level up and earn some quick points, try the following:

  1. Rate your bottles: Rate any unrated bottles in your collection and watch your points soar.
  2. Take our Wine 101 course: Get educated and earn 400 points by completing our Wine 101 course.
  3. Get social: Share your reviews on social media and earn over 200 points.
  4. Taste Test Challenges: Complete your first 15 Taste Test Challenges and get 15 points each.

So, get ready to embark on a delightful journey filled with points, rewards, and wine-tastic experiences. Our revamped Loyalty & Rewards Program is designed to make your Good Pair Days adventure even more enjoyable and rewarding. Let's raise a glass to more fun, more points, and more rewards! 🍷🥳

Curious about how the new program works?

The Good Pair Days Team

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