Introducing Good Beer Days: What You Need to Know
Introducing Good Beer Days: What You Need to Know

What more could we pair with your discerning taste buds? Your response was loud and clear—craft beer!

Hello, Good Pair Days Family!

We’re beyond excited to announce a brand-new addition to our family: Good Beer Days!

We’ve been on a little mission lately, prompted by a question we kept asking: What more could we pair with your discerning taste buds? Your response was loud and clear—craft beer!

So, by popular demand, we’re thrilled to introduce Good Beer Days, exclusively for our beloved members like you. Now, you and your beer-loving buddies can join in the GPD excitement with a sip of something hoppy.

It’s a trial for now, while we see how much you and our GPD family like it and if all goes well we’ll continue to build on it. We hope you’re excited!

Phase 1: Wine + Beer. What this means!

  • Only for wine members to start. This means to start we won’t be selling the beer box on its own but you can add it to your monthly wine order, from your Box & Spend settings. If you’re doing it on the App please go to More>Settings>Box and Spend.
    • Please note if you already have your wine recommendations generated for the month, your first beer box will come with your following box.
  • A Diverse Selection: In Australia you'll receive 12 craft beers, featuring 6 different varieties, predominately 375ml cans. In the UK you'll receive 8 craft beers with 4-5 different types and predominately 440ml cans. All curated by the same sommeliers who select our wines.
  • Delivery Integrated with Wine Subscription: Your beers will arrive alongside your monthly wine subscription, making it convenient and adding no extra shipping costs.
  • Engaging Stories and Tasting Notes: Every beer shipment includes a mini magazine that delves into the fascinating stories of the breweries and provides detailed tasting notes.
  • Bonus Points: Subscribers earn an additional 200 points every month, just for enjoying our curated selection.
  • Simple Pricing: All of this comes at an all-inclusive price of $79 per month in AU and £32 in the UK, shipping included.

Differences from Our Wine Subscription

While we’re thrilled to launch Good Beer Days, it’s important to note that it currently doesn’t offer all the features our wine subscription does. Here’s what to expect:

  • Our beer selection remains consistent throughout the month and changes only on the 1st of each new month. If you receive your next box early within the same month, it will contain the same beers. For a fresh selection, please wait until the beginning of the following month.
  • No Individual Beer Ratings (Yet): At this stage, subscribers won’t be able to rate individual beers. This feature has been instrumental in refining our wine selections and will be a key focus as we develop the beer subscription.
  • No Beer-Specific Gifts or Recommendations (For Now): Unlike our wine subscription, the current phase does not include options for sending beer gifts or receiving personalised beer recommendations.
  • Simpler Selection Process: The beer selection process is straightforward and less personalised than our wine selections at this moment.

What’s Next if Phase 1 goes well?

Good Beer Days is just getting started. Here’s what we’re working on for Phase Two and beyond:

  • A stand-alone monthly beer box. Meaning you won’t have to order wine each month to get your beer box, and beer preferring peeps can sign up just for a monthly beer journey, offering more flexibility for how you’d like to order.
  • More Interactive Features: Future updates will include the ability to rate beers and potentially receive tailored suggestions.
  • Enhanced Personalisation: We plan to introduce personalised beer recommendations, similar to how we curate wine based on your tastes.

We’re Just Getting Started

We see every new product as an ongoing journey. Just like a good brew, Good Beer Days will develop and improve over time. If all goes well we’d love to expand its features to provide an experience as rich and satisfying as our wines.

If you have any questions or suggestions, our customer service team is always here to help and listen. Your feedback is invaluable as we fine-tune this exciting new offering!

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to many delightful discoveries ahead—cheers!

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