Launching Wine Challenges + Refreshed Rewards!
Launching Wine Challenges + Refreshed Rewards!

We've got some exciting news to share about our new launch, additional rewards and a bonus for all members that get a box in the next month!

We've got some exciting news to share

The Short Story

  • We’ve got a new Challenges feature we hope you’ll love here.
  • We’ve added a few new rewards to the rewards journey and cleaned up the levels.
  • We’re including a bonus reward for all members who get their box in the next month! Our new Food Pairing Fridge Poster & GPD Magnet!

The Long Story


We've got some exciting news to share!

We've just launched a new feature called Challenges that makes uncovering new wine types even more fun.

To encourage our lovely members to explore more of the world of wine, you’ll earn bonus points for completing new wine challenges.

In a nutshell, a “Challenge” badge groups different regions, types, and wines into themes. Each Challenge badge has within it a number of wines or tasks to tick off to complete the challenge.

For example you can accomplish the “World Tour Challenge” by trying wine from the 11 different countries we’ve included.

Depending on how difficult the challenge is, you’ll earn different amounts of points, to earn your GPD rewards!

And just a heads up, you may not be able to complete all the challenges right away, but we’ll make sure to stock the wines needed to accomplish the challenges over time.

If you head to your badges section here, you'll see all the challenges currently available. We'll be launching more over time.

Just click on the Challenges that tickle your fancy and click start in each to begin. You can do multiple challenges at the same time.

We also show you which bottles can or have contributed to your challenge and your average rating of them so you can learn more about your tastes.

Although you may have tried a particular wine already elsewhere, to complete our challenges you have to collect the badge through GPD wines.

Also, many of you have already ticked off a lot of the badges that contribute to each challenge. We’ve made sure that your wine history counts so you may have completed some of them already and have points for the taking.

Rewards improvements!

But that’s not the only good news we’re sharing today. By popular demand, we’ve added a few new rewards to the points program. We’ve also heard the feedback on the wastage of duplicate gifts from welcome packs and refer a friend bonus.

So we’ve done a few things:

In Australia, we’ve removed Tumblers and Insulated Wine Bottles from the journey, as this is our current welcome offer, and given you the option to choose either the Cheeseboard Cooler or the Wine Tumbler Set at 1500 points!

In the UK, we’ve got a lot of feedback that some of our more Aussie-related gifts, like the cheeseboard cooler and bucket hat would still be very appreciated in the UK, so we’re working on shipping them over. Please bear with us while they arrive. As a consolation we’re getting a lot of inbound interest from other companies that would like to include sample products in our UK boxes.

In the meantime we’ve added three new points rewards for both countries :)

  • Food Pairing Fridge Poster & Magnet
  • Pocket Wine Tasting Journal
  • How To Taste Wine Tea Towel for our tea towel series! (Coming soon in the next few weeks)

For those that would like to opt out of the rewards altogether, we’ll soon be launching the functionality in your settings to either choose not to receive rewards or delete individual rewards you don’t wish to receive from your wine box. Stay tuned.

Please note because we’ve had to do a bit of rearranging to make room for them, we've also taken the opportunity to clean up the progression of them as well so it makes more sense for new members at the start of their journey.

However this means that for members partway through their journey, some of the rewards you may have had an eye on may be a little further away and some may be a little closer.

It may look like you’ll get a double up of a certain rewards because you've earned it already in your past rewards and it's now been moved further down the journey. We’ve built the protection so you shouldn’t be getting the same reward twice. See below for how we're giving all members a chance to get some of new early journey gifts.

Also if you think the points changes have made you missed out on anything, you're disappointed with anything, or if you've already got a stack of points and really want one of the new gifts from earlier in the journey, please get in touch via email ( and we’ll look into making you happy asap .

Special bonuses!

  • But as a special bonus and because some of these gifts have been added to earlier in the rewards journey that you may have passed, anyone that gets a monthly box in the next 30 days until the 5th of August will get our brand new “Food & Wine Pairing" Fridge Poster and GPD Magnet!
  • We’ve swapped over the refer a friend promotion to fancy bottles of wine this month! With everything going on in the world, we wanted to increased the prize for sharing the love.

What’s next?

  • We’ve got more exciting launches coming soon!
  • We’ll be launching a new dashboard section, upgrading our navigation, and releasing a new onboarding overview section to make finding everything on the site or in the app much easier.
  • We’ll also be looking to make some upgrades to our points and rewards system overall to allow for redeemable points. This means you’ll be able to choose which reward you’d like to received including the likely addition of mystery wine rewards!
  • In the meantime check out your new Challenges section here!

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