Meet the Maker - Marianne Gamet | Maison Gamet | Champagne | France
Meet the Maker - Marianne Gamet | Maison Gamet | Champagne | France

Mason Gamet can consider themselves a part of the grower movement and this week we caught up with Marianne Gamet.

Champagne is a region steeped in history. A wine made largely by mistake, out of chance, that has now become synonymous with high end celebrations and luxury, thanks for a number of large houses called the Grande Marques (think of the most famous champagnes you know and you're on the right track). But there is a quiet - actually, not so quiet - revolution occurring in the region: the grower movement. Traditionally, farmers and grape growers in the region would sell their fruit to the aforementioned large houses, and the grapes would be crafted into champagne under a different name entirely. Whilst this is still commonplace, there are a number of producers who have decided to hold on to their fruit, and produce wines of intrigue, diversity and quality. Mason Gamet can consider themselves a part of the grower movement and this week we caught up with Marianne Gamet - here's what she had to say...

Why did you decide to get into winemaking?

It’s been now four generations of winemaking in the family. Everything started in 1920, with the grandparents of my grandfather.

Since I was born, I’ve been rocked by the vibes of making champagne and it naturally became a passion. I guess…also…having the chance to work for myself and develop my own project was a really good reason to take over the family business 🙂

Do you have a favourite wine or wine region outside of your own?

I love wine from Jura & Savoie; I admire the humility of the region and the quality they offer. The growers are living their vocation with passion & simplicity.

What grape do you like working with the most and why?

We love working with [Pinot] Meunier grapes. I have to say that we have no choice, since our soils are suited to Meunier grapes; but honestly Meunier is a grape variety that has a lot to offer.

In the past, the Meunier was the Ugly Duck of the Champagne region. Today, the Meunier is treated differently, and by growers who are passionate by the aromatic profile that the Meunier can offer.

In general, the Meunier is not a grape variety used for ageworthy Champagne, but it’s a good variety to raise a young cuvée with fruity aromas & roundness.

Celebrity Crush?

Caroline Frey, a french winemaker (in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley & Valais, Swiss). I admire her. She has lead a family business, by keeping close relationships with her vineyards & wines.

Favourite Movie?

Interstellar, from Christopher Nolan. Nothing to do with wine… but I like the story and the space theme. The relationship between a father & his daughter, sharing the same passion with a different engagement; and SPOILER… at the end, it seems, they finally understand each other -  to help the new generation resolve an international issue. The dimension of this movie inspired me a lot & fed me the desire to change mentality in our world.. or at least in our industry.

Favourite type of music/artist?

I looooove Florence + The Machine.

Fun fact about you that has nothing to do with wine?

I’m making cider & honey. A second and third passion.

Otherwise, outside of work, I could pass my entire wintertime skying in the Alps.

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