New Points and Badges Upgrade!
New Points and Badges Upgrade!

In our latest release we’re making exploring, drinking and sharing great wine even more exciting with a new points and rewards experience. There’s more to see and do than ever and we’ve got lots more coming soon in this space. Happy points hunting wine lovers!

Our customers always tell us that one of their favourite parts of their Good Pair Days experience is the ability to unlock points and badges along their wine adventure. Our team's mission is to ensure that you are getting the most out of your experience with us and this includes curating awesome rewards and bonuses (hello GPD merch!) for hitting new levels.

That being said, we're constantly learning about what is working and what could be improved from our members' feedback. Which has led us to create a new and upgraded points and badges experience for our members to explore!

We've kept the levels and rewards and have added a sneak-peek into what rewards you can unlock as you continue along your wine journey, additional ways you can reach them, and how many points away from your next level you are. You can also see what you’ve won in the past! Check out what it looks like here:

We're so excited about this new upgrade and we hope you all love it as much as we think you will! As always, please share your feedback with us once you’ve seen the new points and badges page.

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