Product Release Announcement - A New Way to Experience Your Wine Journey!
Product Release Announcement - A New Way to Experience Your Wine Journey!

We've got a whole new dashboard, onboarding and navigation experience to make exploring the world of wine even more fun!

For the last few months we have been quietly working away on what we think could be a bit of a game changer for our member’s GPD experience!

Earlier this year when we were interviewing our members we asked them “What should we focus on next?”

To our surprise a lot of the ideas that came through were things we already had available. Things like your Taste Profile, Wine Course, Taste Test Challenges, Wine Challenges and more!

Which means that while we had been listening to all our member’s great ideas over the last couple of years and building away in the background, we hadn’t done a good enough job at communicating what was available and how you could find it.

A lot of the cool features that we built to make discovering, learning about and enjoying the wonderful world of wine were hidden away in settings in pages that were hard to find, especially on our app!

So before we jumped into building our next big idea, we wanted to make sure everyone was able to easily find all the amazing features we already have.

So with that in mind we focus on a big three part project!

  1. A fancy fun new Dashboard giving you access to all your favourite things right from one main homepage.
  2. A simplified navigation system across the web and App so you can find everything a lot more easily!.
  3. And a new onboarding system which walks you through getting the most out of your wine journey with Good Pair Days!

It’s all live now on the site and in your latest app update. But let’s have a look at some of it below.


Our goal here was to let you see all the important stuff with just a glance from your main page and to give you access to all your favourite features from one page. You can still find all the full pages for everything on the dashboard by clicking into it, as well as still being able to access everything from the navigation and settings!

To get this right we did a lot of customer research on to decide what you wanted to see and in what orders. But as it turns out, we’re all very different, thankfully so, and everyone had different preferences, so we built the ability to customise you dashboard for what you wanted to see! Just drag and drop!


Some of our members will be all over this, but for all those that need a little bit of guidance or motivation, we’ve built an onboarding system broken into two chapters. The first helping new members get started and the 2nd to help everyone to get the most out of their wine journey!

And as a bonus you can pick up some quick points for completing! You can find it at the top of your dashboard, or once complete at the bottom in user guides which you’ll always be able to access!

Finally bringing it altogether. We’ve had a serious rethink about making everything more intuitive and easier to find through our navigation! On the website, these changes should be pretty easy to adapt to and hopefully more enjoyable.

On the app we’ve made some more wholesale changes that I hope you’re going to like. We’ve removed the hamburger menu and made everything accessible from the bottom nav. Including a new “More” button which captures everything you have access to. We’ve also tried to make the toggle options more obvious, as we got a lot of feedback that it was sometimes hard to know there was a toggle option there. And a quick reminder you have all the same functionality through the app as on the site!

That's it. We hope you like it. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know at

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