Porcini Beef Ribs
Porcini Beef Ribs



  • 1 pack of dried porcini
  • 3kg rib of beef (3 bones)
  • 1 tbsp smoked sea salt flakes
  • 24 hours before serving time, blitz the porcini mushrooms in a food processor until turned into a powder. Put the beef joint in a roasting tin, and rub all over with the porcini powder, the smoked salt, and plenty of pepper. Cover loosely, and pop in the fridge overnight.
  • Remove the meat from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature. Heat the oven to 140C, uncover the beef, and cook for 1 hour and 20 mins. Turn the oven up to 220C, cook for 25 mins more for medium rare. Leave to rest for 20 mins, then serve with mash, wild mushrooms, and gravy. Amazing!
1 hr 45 mins
6 serving

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