Wine Advent Calendars 2023
Wine Advent Calendars 2023

12 days, 12 delicious wines, all leading up to the jolliest day of the year Christmas. Plus a special FREE gift ensuring every December evening is paired with charm and cheer!

That magical time of the year is approaching again, and if festive twinkling lights aren’t enticing enough, perhaps a tasty tipple might do the trick? Introducing... the Good Pair Days Wine Advent Calendar 2023 - where every door you open is not just a day closer to Christmas, but also a delightful journey through vineyards galore!

What's Included?

Each Wine Advent Calendar comes with a range of new wines to celebrate the season, plus one or two of our perennial favourites. The identities of the actual 12 bottles that have made the cut are a closely held secret until the day of unwrapping (🤫), but you'll get a full selection of grape types and styles from near and far, both indie and iconic.

That's not all - apart from the 12 delicious full-sized bottles, you'll also get special recipes, wine pairings, tasting notes, plus — naughty or nice 😏 — a special FREE gift!

Pick a FREE Gift set!

For this year’s special gift, we’re introducing a new twist. We understand that many of you have collected some of our fantastic gifts in the past. So to avoid any repetition, we’re offering you the option to choose a special bonus Christmas gift! There are 4 Gift Sets to choose between including a generous 1500 points as one of the options. Which is ideal if you’ve been eyeing something different from the rewards store or aiming to level up.

All you have to do is pick your gift, then choose your wine style preference, and finally your price point.

However, each gift is limited in stock, and we cannot guarantee their availability for long.

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Shipping starts early to mid-November.

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