How to Match Wine to Your Zodiac Sign!
How to Match Wine to Your Zodiac Sign!

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to take a peek through our telescope, consult our crystal ball and draw out some wine lover’s horoscopes for you. Who knows? Maybe there is something in it after all, and this could be a novel way to discover your perfect bottle of vino.

Come on, admit it. Everyone takes a peek at their horoscope once in a while, and finds themselves a little curious about what it has to say. Even we do it - and we’re a cynical bunch at the best of times.

While we aren’t exactly convinced by the idea that the position of the heavens has much to do with the unfolding of your daily life, we decided to take a peek through our telescope, consult our crystal ball and draw out some wine lover’s horoscopes for you. Who knows? Maybe there is something in it after all, and this could be a novel way to discover your perfect bottle of vino.

Aries & Viognier

If you’re born under the sign of the ram, it’s likely you’re a sophisticated, outgoing and occasionally slightly superior individual, who likes to be the centre of attention. If so, then Viognier is the wine for you. Floral, honeyed tones, a bold, well-bodied character, and plenty of elegance and softness, this wine is the life and soul of all the best parties.

Taurus & Pinot Noir

If you’re a Taurus, then you’re the kind of man or woman who is always chasing the good life. Days spent outside in the sun, lazy afternoons by the beach, big dinners featuring an array of delicious foods… all of this is thirsty work, and you’re going to hanker for a wine which manages to be both thirst-quenching and effortlessly elegant at the same time. Pinot Noir is a world-beating grape which packs in expression by the bucketful, and which features in some of the finest wines on the planet.

Gemini & Chardonnay

Geminis are complicated individuals, but ones who embrace their dualistic personalities. The same can be said for Chardonnay - a wine style which changes massively depending on where and how it is produced. Rounded, well-oaked and traditionally buttery Chardonnays sit side by side with more modern, racy, dry and acidic numbers… and both have something equally important to say.

Cancer & Australian Shiraz

People born under the sign of Cancer are solid, dependable, homely characters with a defensive streak, but who also take a somewhat sideways look at life. What better wine for them than a good, reliable bottle of Australian Shiraz? The perfect wine for a sunny day and great to drink alongside a family barbeque, Shiraz is a wine which packs in plenty of dark fruit and savoury flavour, and shows off all the quality and eccentricity of our land down under.

Leo & Bordeaux

Power, pride and grace are the Leo’s leonine character traits - they’re used to getting the best things in life, and aren’t great at settling for second best. So it makes sense that their perfect wine match would be a bottle from the Left Bank of the Bordeaux region, arguably the finest (and certainly the most expensive) wine region on earth. Cabernet Sauvignon gets blended with other noble varietals such as Merlot and Cabernet Franc, before being aged to bring out the very best in each grape. Delicious!

Virgo & Gruner Veltliner

If you’re a Virgo, it’s likely you have a perfectionist streak, and like to keep things simple, direct and pure. As such, they love the crisp, sharp, straightforward minerality of a great Gruner Veltliner, the signature grape of Austria. These wines are bright and citrusy, and pair amazingly well with Asian cuisine in ways other wines could only dream of. Clean and uncomplicated, they’re an underrated joy - just like you!

Libra & Riesling

Libras believe that in balance, there is beauty. They make it a mission in life to find the perfect equilibrium between all things, and spend their time in zen-like contemplation… well, sometimes, at least. Ask any sommelier or wine fan what the most balanced and beautiful wine is, and 9 times out of 10, they’ll answer ‘Riesling’.

Scorpio & Sangiovese

Scorpios are motivated, energetic and interested in the more adventurous side of life. They like to be outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and countryside, so they’re going to want a wine which reflects a more rustic experience, and which quenches their thirst after they’ve been busy climbing mountains and taking in some spectacular views. When it comes to rustic, simple, thirst-quenching wines, there are few out there which fit the bill quite so well as Sangiovese, the classic Tuscany grape which has its spiritual home in Chianti.

Sagittarius & Sauvignon Blanc

If you’re a Sagittarius, then versatility, flexibility and a no-nonsense approach to life is what you’re all about. You’re happy to go with the flow, but always end up adding something positive to the experience no matter what you choose to do. Sauvignon Blanc is going to be your go-to wine - it pairs with almost any food, suits almost any occasion, and is fantastic to sip with friends while chilling outside and shooting the breeze.

Capricorn & Port

Hard working and endlessly patient, the Capricorn will climb every mountain and cross every river to get what they want… even if the journey takes them years. As such, they know how to appreciate a great bottle of Port - the more aged, the better. Balanced, luxurious and utterly satisfying, top quality Port can take decades to reach full expression, and your typical Capricorn knows that good things come to those who wait.

Aquarius & Unfined, Organic & Natural Wine

Your typical Aquarius is one who likes to think outside the box, and who feels a deep connection with the earth and the natural world. It comes as no real surprise, therefore, that they feel attracted to the growing fashion for organic, biodynamic and otherwise ‘natural’ wines which ensure every bit of expression of terroir is maintained in the bottle. They aren’t to everyone’s taste, but the Aquarius knows that they’re onto a winner which is as kind to the planet as it is to their palate.

Pisces & Provence Rosé

Pisces are the optimists of the world. They see the good in everything, and they want a life of peace and happiness, friendship and joy. That doesn’t mean they’re simple or lazy, though - it takes some hard work to overlook the faults of this world! The rosé wines of Provence are their perfect match; pale, blushing pink wines with gorgeously elegant flavours and plenty of bright acidity, ideal for picnics and sharing with close friends.

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