New Sake of the Month Program!
New Sake of the Month Program!

Introducing the Sake of the Month – a brand new tasting adventure that will take your palate, pairings and rewards to heights you've never imagined. 🍶 Launching first in Australia.

We’re all about expanding your wine and beverage horizons. After all, you're some of the most adventurous wine tasters on the planet!

You’re bold, taking on new challenges, looking for fresh tastes. You push us to be bolder too! So, inspired by you, we've entered the exciting world of sake. But wait, you might ask, "Sake at Good Pair Days? What's the deal?"

Launching first in Australia, let us introduce you to the Sake of the Month program – a brand new tasting adventure that will take your palate, pairings and rewards to heights you've never imagined. Together with your monthly box, you will be able to opt-in to receive one carefully selected bottle of (premium) delicious sake every month. And the best part? By tasting and learning, you'll earn sake badges and points as you take your knowledge to the next level.

How does it work?

  • Once you opt-in you'll automatically receive a new bottle of sake in each of your monthly boxes.
  • Each bottle of sake will come along with a tasting card, pairing recommendations, and a matching recipe.
  • Each sake will cost between $30-50.
  • After you've tasted your sake, just like your wines, you can rate it in your past wines.

Eager to include sake in your upcoming boxes?

How to get your 'Sake of the Month' If you're already a member

Log in and go to your Settings, then click Box and Spend and add "Sake of the Month"

How to get your 'Sake of the Month' if you’re a new member

New to GPD? If you add Sake of the Month to your first box you'll be automatically subscribed to the “Sake of the month” program.

Why opt-in?

Only those who opt-in will have guaranteed allocated access to the month's new sake. Sake stock is limited, so supply available to those who do not opt-in is not guaranteed.

Can you buy Sake without opting in?

Yes, but only based on stock available after allocating first to opt-in members. That also means that if you really like a particular sake and want more, you'll want to top-up on your new favourite while limited stock remains available.

Does Sake count towards the Free Shipping threshold?

Yes! It does count towards the free shipping threshold.

How to opt out of “Sake of the Month”

Easy. There are two ways to opt-out.

Navigate to “Box and Spend”(in your settings), click on the “added” button and then the “update subscription” button. Or navigate to your Next Box (or Next Box Side Tray) and delete the Sake placeholder card by clicking on the “edit” button. You’ll be presented with an option to opt-out of "Sake of the Month”.

Sake Education

While embracing your sake journey, we've put together a list of sake guides.

Each will provide great information for you to swirl and learn simultaneously (or prepare for your next bottle!)

We recommend starting with:

  1. What is Sake?
  2. How Sake is Made
  3. How to Taste Sake

Sake Points and Badges

Just like with your wines, you'll score points for rating each bottle of sake. But that's not all! We're dishing out badges and even more points for those who venture into each month's freshest sake offerings.

To make it even better, we've added a special bonus chapter to our Wine 101 e-course. Complete this chapter and ace the quiz to earn an exclusive badge and even more points!

  • Already Enrolled in Wine 101?
    No worries! The Sake chapter will seamlessly blend into your course as you progress.
  • Completed Wine 101?
    Keep an eye on your inbox. Your bonus Sake chapter is on its way!
  • New to Wine 101?
    Fancy diving into the full experience? Enrol in Wine 101 here.

The addition of sake is sure to satisfy your curious palate, taking your knowledge and tasting experiences to new heights. We can't wait for you to dive in!

Do you know your wine personality? If your answer is no, take our quiz to find out which wines to pick up next and build your box!

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