Top Five Wineries to Visit in Margaret River WA
Top Five Wineries to Visit in Margaret River WA

Western Australia [] is a special place for many reasons. The beautiful coastline, the varied terrain and the dynamic city life are all good reasons to pay a visit. But, this is a wine blog, and as such, we’re

Western Australia is a special place for many reasons. The beautiful coastline, the varied terrain and the dynamic city life are all good reasons to pay a visit.

But, this is a wine blog, and as such, we’re going to focus on the viticultural side of things.

As luck would have it, Western Australia offers a hell of a lot for the wine enthusiast, with many of the country’s best wineries being based there, and plenty to get excited about.

Although the region of Swan Valley, just outside of Perth, is the more established home of Western Australian wine (vines have been cultivated there for an amazing 180 years), the real buzz nowadays is all around Margaret River, just three hours from Perth. Home to a great surf culture and a staggeringly good array of wines, it’s a must-see stop on your Australian wine tour.

The Margaret River area boasts over 150 wineries, each with something special to offer. From fine dining to rustic tapas menus, art galleries and concerts, there’s more to these wineries than just the wine itself - although that would be reason enough to drop in. Here’s our top five.

Si Vintners

Inspired by their travels around Europe, vintners Iwo Jakimowicz and Sarah Morris make a beautiful example of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, in their simple but first class winery.

Si Vintners' mature vines are the main attraction, planted in their pristine vineyard around 1978, and they’ll only be too happy to talk you through their organic and biodynamic techniques as you sample their wares. With thirty acres of laid-back, sophisticated bliss, this is definitely a winery to visit and enjoy.

They're off the beaten tourist path, which means you will probably have the place to yourself, but make sure to call or email ahead.

Image by Whitney A.

Ashbrook Estate

Many of the wineries in Margaret River are huge, imposing affairs, full of Old World elegance and the occasional touch of elitism. Ashbrook Estate is the antidote to this - you follow the red dirt track up to the rustic tasting rooms, and get a real feel for the early days of this wine region.

Ashbrook Estate was one of the first in Margaret River, established in the mid 1970s, and its relaxed approach is a joy to experience and wander around. The winery is famed for the quality of its young Riesling wines, which achieve great structure and balance in the cool climate the region enjoys.

McHenry Hohnen

If you’re staying for a few days in the Margaret River area, then McHenry Hohnen winery is where you’ll want to stop in order to stock up on supplies. This winery specialises in pretty much every staple of Western Australia - Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay - and they produce a mean selection of smoked and cured meats and small goods, too.

It’s an unhurried, chilled out sort of place, which reflects the vintners’ biodynamic approach, and produces remarkable wines you’ll absolutely want to take back to your B&B. Take note to head to the Cellar Door at 5962 Caves Rd, which is a little way off from the winery.

Image by McHenry Hohnen

Brookland Valley

For those looking for a bit of mysticism and magic in their wineries, then Brookland Valley Vineyards is the place to go. The Greek god, Pan, is the symbol and icon of this winery, and his statue pops up here and there, watching you as you wander through the beautiful vineyards and winery buildings of Brookland Valley Estate.

Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Chardonnay are the key varietals here, and you’ll be spoiled for choice by the tasting menu and the other various treats on offer.

Image by Caravan Dogs Oz Adventure

Deep Woods Estate

Surely one of the most scenic wineries in Margaret River, Deep Woods Estate is a real gem and one which is definitely worth bringing the camera for. Natural bushland, beautiful sea views, and a large spring-fed dam all feature here and walking around all this gorgeous scenery will definitely help you build up a thirst and an appetite for some of their award winning wines.

Their range covers all the great Margaret River classic varietals along with two dry Rosés, a style for which the winery has won multiple accolades.

Immage by Vines Collective

Now that we have shared with you the top 5 list of the must-visit wineries in Margaret River, it's time to figure out what wines you should sip on once you visit... put your palate to the test and discover wines that you will love! Take our quiz below to find out your top 3 wine types.

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