What's New - Tech & Feature Updates
What's New - Tech & Feature Updates

Stay up-to-date with all our latest product and feature releases here!

Release notes - April 2020

  • Big update to our iOS and Android Apps. We launched our "Badges and Rewards" inside the app. We launched push notifications to keep you up-to-date on everything in your account write on your home screen. Built the notification screen in as well. And made it overall easier to do everything you can do on the site.
  • We worked on the change your billing day functionality to make it easier to move it around.
  • We made a number of fixes to bugs and other user improvements to make your wine experience more pleasant overall!

Release notes - March 2020

  • Big update to member "My Box" pages. Members can now get new recommendations right inside their box. You can now ask for a new refreshed recommendation in the same price point and wine colour, or request a new recommendation based on your criteria.
  • Launched one-off, special pack and One-Click Top Up Orders inside the App. So now you can do all your top-ups and one-offs without leaving the app.
  • Updated our refer-a-friend so that now all your wine loving buddies get a $38 bottle when they sign up, just like you do for referring them.
  • Added the grape type to the wine details page.
  • Made the subscription summary box clickable to the member can go to their settings page quickly.
  • Added new functionality so that it's easy for members to see the wines they have drunk or still have to rate and review. Also added our first simple filters to make it easier for members to sort through the bottles they have previously ordered.
  • Added the "Invite Mates" functionality to the app. Hurray!

Release notes -  February 2020

  • Added a new Good Pair Days alert feature to let our Somms know if we're having difficulty sourcing any unique wines to suit your profile and settings so they can proactively reach out to members.
  • Created a website button to allow members to request their monthly wine recommendations right away rather than wait until their payment date. For when they need their bottles yesterday!
  • Created a website button that allows members to request an open order to be charged and dispatched right away once they are happy with their recommendations or selection.
  • Added free shipping for all 4 bottles or more regardless of price point. We didn't think free shipping should be exclusive to those members lucky enough to be big spenders. No everyone can enjoy.
  • Added information about the previous box when viewing the current box page to make it clearer what's been sent and what's next.

Release notes -  January 2020

  • Built auto pagination with scrolling on the all wines page for faster loading, cause no one likes waiting for their wine to load ;)
  • Implemented address autocomplete in checkout, to make sure we're sending the wine to the right place!
  • Worked on the settings page to make it clearer how to customise your subscription, including making it clearer how to retake the quiz, take an advanced quiz and customise your preferences in general.

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